Tribevision Song Contest 2
Final date October 2015
Venue Concilium Harbour Hall XII.
Presenter(s) Gernodhur Hassknechtsson
Host broadcaster Capital TV
Opening act Medley of the FC 1 finalists
Number of entries 9
Debuting countries none
Returning countries none
Withdrawing countries none
Voting system International Juries give the songs 10, 8 and 6-1 points
Tribevision Song Contest

Tribevision Song Contest 2 was the Teaoan national selection for FC 2. It was held in the capital city of Te Ao, Concilium.

Grand Final Edit

Draw Tribe Artist Song Place Points
1 Luminärviä Spekti ft. Tasis "Macho fantastico" TBD TBD
2 Anbportach Markus Feehily "Only you" TBD TBD
3 Concilium Yvonne Catterfeld "Lieber so" TBD TBD
4 Züüdgazar Bid 4 "Hairtair" TBD TBD
5 Ekruvora Of Monsters and Men "Organs" TBD TBD
6 Yeranery Lilit Hovhannisyan "Mexican" TBD TBD
7 Seksösteri Kairat Baekenova & Format Tobi "Astana" TBD TBD
8 Oncartref Duffy "Whole lotta love" TBD TBD
9 Hohonu Maisey Rika ft. Anika Moa "Ruaimoko" TBD TBD
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