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Monument of Peace of Lakadamia, Center of Pavlodia
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Location of the Capital District (Pavlodia)
Country Lakadamia
Region Capital District
Official Language Frajisian
Population (September 2015)
 • Urban 2,341,482
 • Metro 3,629,742
Demonym Pavlodian
Time zone COLGT (UTC+10)
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Pavlodia (Ilativiano: Pavlodi, Espaneole : Pavlodiàs, Allemanju : Pavordia, Janaiese : パヴ見よディ Pavlodi) is the capital city of Lakadamia. It's also the only city which is located in the region of the Capital District. It's also the second most populated city of Lakadamia , just behind Misneyne. The city is located on the coast of the Capitol Lake, the biggest lake of Lakadamia. The official language of the city is Frajisian.

The city is divided into 13 Arrondissements, and divided on 3 Sectors, West, Center and East. Apart Pavlodia, only Misneyne and Milnev are divided into Arrondissements

Sectors & ArrondissementsEdit

Pavlodia Arrondisements

Nbr Name (Engju) Population Sector
01 Paix (Peace) 399,013 CENTER
02 Nord (North) 208,861 CENTER
03 Jardins (Gardens) 211,554 CENTER
04 Palais (Palace) 263,321 CENTER
05 Lac (Lake) 142,354 CENTER
06 Parkéa 107,104 CENTER
07 Damati 186,923 WEST
08 Musées (Museum) 124,301 WEST
09 Mavarnan 108,117 WEST
10 Elvitie 213,316 WEST
11 Sud (South) 235,462 WEST
12 Rouvaris 99,764 EAST
13 Mavalis 41,347 EAST
Pavlodia 2,341,482
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