Flag of Pacifica
Location of Pacifica on the world map.
Location of Pacifica on the world map.
Location of Pacifica on the globe.
Location of Pacifica on the globe.
Largest Ayala
Official languages Pacipino


Ethnic groups (2015) 92.3% Pacificans

4.2% Fordians 2.4% Serenayans

1.4% Others
Religion 85.4% Roman Catholic
Demonym Pacifican
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
 -  President Fernando Marcos
 -  Vice President Nicholo Andersen
 -  Speaker of the House Salvador De Castro
 -  Chief Justice Claudia Aguinaldo
 -  Total 39,124 km2
15,106 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 1.7
 -  2015 estimate 16,346,488
HDI (2015)Steady 0.856
very high
Currency Pacifican Peso
Time zone PMT (GMT +8)
Does not use DST
Date format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +59
Patron saint Saint Pedro Calungsod
ISO 3166 code PC
Internet TLD .pa

Pacifica, Officially known as Republic of Pacifica (Filipino: Republika ng Pasipika, Spanish: Republica de Pacificana), , Is a country in the Eastern Centralia. It contains of 11 islands and 2 geographical divisions: Main Island and South Island, The capital city of Pacifica is McKinley and the largest city is Ayala,

Its neighbours are FordiaSeneraya and Danskanksova. Pacifica's size is 39,124km making it the 37th largest country in the Fantasia world

With a population of 16 million, Pacifica is the 7th most populated country and one of the densest country in the Fantasia world



The metatarsal of Pugo Man dated back to 35,000 years ago is the earliest human ever found in the country to date.

Ancient PacificaEdit

Rise of Islam Edit

Lanovian occupation Edit

Remedios and Pacifican Empire Edit


Independence Edit

Pacifica declared independence in January 12, 1916 after Pacifican Empire defeated Remedios Empire,

Pacifican Civil War (1970-1971) Edit

In February 19, 1970, The now-defunct faction Bangsamoro Islamic Liberation Font attacked the forces of Republic of Pacifica, The war started in Remedio, when the anti coup protesters were killed

The government declared the end of military operation in the whole country in November 30, 1971, The war lasted for 1 year, 9 months and 1 week. Armed Forces of Pacifica and Pacifican National Police successfully defeated BILF

Recent years (1973-present) Edit

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States Edit


Pacifica del Norte




Nueva Acapulco

Federal Territory of McKinley

Pacifica del Sur

Pollo Group of Islands

Labrador Group of Islands

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