Northern Easton
Population 108,409,416
Demonym Northern Eastonian
Countries 2
Languages 3 languages
Time zones UTC+9 to UTC+11
Largest cities Flag of Fordia Krono
Flag of Lanovina Sarindon
Flag of Lanovina Eastmon
Flag of Fordia Laria City
Northern Easton is a continent comprising Fordia and Lanovina. It is located in the Easton sea and borders the Northern sea to the north-west. Northern Easton is the smallest continent behind Southern Easton, Westmont and Centralia.

List of recognized states in Northern Easton Edit

Flag Name Area (km²) Population Population
(per km²)
Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Flag of Fordia Fordia 74.598.690 Krono Fordiá
Flag of Lanovina Lanovina 33,810,726 Sarindon Lanovina
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