Flag of Lakadamia
Member station TRLK
(Television Radio of Lakadamia)
National selection events Lakadamia Music Festival
(#01 - #02)
Internal Selection
First appearance #01

Lakadamia has participated in the Fantasia Contest since the first edition.

History of Lakadamia in the contestEdit

Fantasia Contest 1Edit

National Selection - Lakadamia Music Festival 01

Lakadamia, eager to get more reconnaisance from the rest of the world, with its broadcaster TRLK, the 9th August 2015, the desire to join the Fantasia Contest, held for the first time in Evergreen.


The names of the 6 songs which competed in the first LMF.

The most viewed show of Lakadamia, the Lakadamia Music Festival, was used for choosen the first Lakadamian Entry in the contest. 6 Songs, 3 in Frajisian, 2 in Engju & 1 in Ilativiano get the right to compete in the National Final.  With 82 Points, only 4 Points behind the rest of the Top 3, Zaz & her ballad Si get the right to represent Lakadamia, making her the first artist ever to represent Lakadamia, and also the first song in Frajisian present in the contest. In the contest, Lakadamia was drawn to perform on the Second Half of the Second Semi-Final, and with this, get the wildcard. The country, choose the number 18, and will perform between Áredival & Pashlanahuy. The country qualified in the Grand Final, and was drawn at the number 08, between Scandavia & Prunia. At the final results, Lakadamia managed to get the 7th place, with 145 Points, with also 12 Points from ScandaviaAssasynia & Áredival. In the Semi-Final, the country finished at the 5th place, with 89 Points.

Fantasia Contest 2Edit

National Selection - Lakadamia Music Festival 02

On the 14 September, Lakadamia confirmed as the first country their participation in the Fantasia Contest, even if the first edition just started. Also, TR LK, had confirmed to host a long national selection, with 24 Songs.


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Host City Artist Song Language Final Points Semi Points
#01 Flag of Evergreen Crystalfall Zaz Si Frajisian 07 145 05 89
#02 Flag of Kerwan TBA


     First Half
     Second Half

#1 Semi-Final 2 18
#1 Grand Final 08

12 Points from/to LakadamiaEdit

     The country won Fantasia Contest / Lakadamia won Fantasia Contest
     The country finish Second in Fantasia Contest / Lakadamia finish Second in Fantasia Contest
     The country finish Third in Fantasia Contest / Lakadamia finish Third in Fantasia Contest
     The country finish Last in Fantasia Contest / Lakadamia finish Last in Fantasia Contest
     The country failed to qualify in Final / Lakadamia failed to qualify in Final

Edition 12 Points to... 12 Points from... 
FC #01 Semi-Final 2 Flag of Achróa Achróa Flag of Achróa Achróa
Flag of Atlandia Atlandia
Grand FInal Flag of Achróa Achróa Flag of Scandavia Scandavia
Flag of Assasynia Assasynia
Flag of Áredival Áredival
FC #02

Commentators & SpokespersonEdit

Edition Channel Commentators Spokesperson
FC #01 TR LK 2 (SF) Darian Health
Matt Britton
Claire Chazal
TR LK 1 (GF)
Radio LK 1 (GF) Dan Évrard
FC #02

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