The Lakadamia Music Festival #2 is the second edition of the Flag of Lakadamia Lakadamian National Selection which consists of 3 Semis-Final, a Second Chance and a Grand Final. 24 Songs from every Lakadamian Regions will compete but as always, only one of them will win.

Songs AnnouncementsEdit

The 24 Songs we're announced during 3 Days, all songs of a Semi-Final are also announced on their draw in the Semi-Final.

15 September 2015
Manto Du Nord Misneyne
Morning 01 Western Delmivdia Western Delmivdia Ayna ft. KeBlack Cette vie m'emporte
02 Damavil Islands Damavil Islands Benji & Fede Tutta d'un Fiato
03 Easterney Valley Easterney Valley Tal & Irma Streets of Philadelphia
04 Punta Del Manzana Punta del Manzana Paula Rojo Miedo a querer


05 Coast of Alimya Coast of Amilya In This Moment Blood
06 Iciya Islands Iciya Islands Shy'm La Malice
07 Central Territory Central Territory Nathalia & 1789 Je veux le monde
08 Japa-Naiza Japa-Naiza Eir Aoi Lapis Lazuri
16 September 2015
Republic of Appleplains El Pomitó
Morning 01 Western Territory Western Territory Louane Jeune (j'ai envie)
02 Victorya Monts Victorya Monts Within Temptation Fire & Ice
03 Manto Du Nord Manto du Nord Cassandre Nos coeurs libres
04 Chaivilja Chalvilja Marina Kaye Mirror Mirror


05 Federal District of Milnev F. D. of Milnev Ginger Minj Ooh Lala Lala
06 Capital District Central District Chimène Badi Elle vit
07 Lands of Lumivia Lands of Lumivia Najoua Belyzel Luna
08 Point of Easton Point of Easton Revolverheld Lass Uns Gehen
17 September 2015
Japa-Naiza Ovakeia
Morning 01 Coast of Evelia Coast of Evelia Indila Feuille d'automne
02 Republic of Appleplains Rep. of Appleplains Ruth Lorenzo Planeta Azul
03 Central Easton Central Easton Sindy ft. La Fouine Sans rancune
04 Valley of Lazulia Valley of Lazulia Coeur de Pirate Crier tout bas


05 Republic of Delmivdia Rep. of Delmivdia Anggun A nos enfants
06 New Lands of Orsavia New Lands of Orsavia Megan Sous ma peau
07 Southern Territory Southern Territory Phi Phi O'Hara Bitchy
08 Northern Territories Northern Territory Emma Occhi Profondi

At all artists and song, 3 Artists are back from previous National Selections, they are Victorya Monts Within Temptation & Republic of Delmivdia Anggun (from LMF 01) and Southern Territory Flag of Lanovina Phi Phi O'Hara (from LnSB). Also Damavil Islands Benji & Flag of Assasynia Fede are participation on the Assasynian Selection for Fantasia Contest 2.

Semi-Final 1Edit

To be added soon.

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