Flag of Lakadamia
Location of Lakadamia on the world map.
Location of Lakadamia on the world map.
Location of Lakadamia on the globe.
Location of Lakadamia on the globe.
Largest Misneyne
Official languages Frajisian
Recognised regional languages Janaiese
Ethnic groups (2015) 97% Lakadamian
3% Others
Demonym Lakadamian
 -  Total 569,512 km2 (1st)
219,890 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 9.2
 -  estimate 55.536.100
 -  census 55.537.166
Currency Lakadami Franc (LKF)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the right
ISO 3166 code LK
Internet TLD .lk

Lakadamia, officially The Federal Republic of Lakadamia (Franjisian République Fédérale de Lakadamia, Ilativiano Repubblica federale di Lakadamia, Espaneole República Federal de Lakadamia, Allemanju Bundesrepublik Lakadamia, Janaiese マカダミア連邦共和国 - Makadamia renpō kyōwakoku) is a country located in the Southern Easton. Lakadamia is constitued totally of the continent and some islands (Damavil Islands, Iciya Islands, and some islets near of the country). With this, the country is one of the nearest country of the South Pole. The capital city of the country is Pavlodia , which is also the Second most-populated city in the country with more than 2.341.482 inhabitants, the city is located in the Eastern Center of the country, located in the coast of the Capital Lake, the biggest lake of the country. The most populated city of the country is Misneyne, located in the North of the country, which has a population of over 3,123,697 inhabitants. At all, Lakadamia is populated by a total of 55.537.166 inhabitants. This population is mostly located in the coast of the differents sea which are bordered by Lakadamia, due to the Mountains and the plains with nothing in.

The country have the Lakadami Franc as a currency. The country also recognize 6 official languages of the country which are Franjisian, Engju, Ilativiano, Espaneole, Janaiese & Allemanju, The country is also located in 5 differents timezone, flies to +7 (Western Lakadamia), +8 (Western-Central Lakadamia), +9 (Central Lakadamia), +10 (Capital of Lakadamia Time) & +11 (Eastern Lakadamian Time) The flag of the country have some things about the country and the territory.

Green The flat lands where Lakadamia is totally located
Orange The unity of the Lakadamian people
White Bar The separation with the rest of the world, this making Lakadamia became an unique country
Blue The water, and the lakes in the country
White Cross The location of the country in the world

Also, Lakadamia, as occupying the totality of the Southern Easton continent, had no neighbours, even if Danskanksova is the neearest country by sea.

Administrative RegionsEdit

The country is divided into 24 Regions, which are also divided like this

  • Autonomous Republic : 2 Territories have the status of Autonomous Republic, these territories have more independance, with their own government, which is elected by the people of these Autonomous Republics
  • (Federal) Districs : 2 Territories have the status of Districs, their main governor is directly elected by the main government.
  • Territories : 18 Territories have the status of Territories, it's like the normal administrative division, the people choose the main governor.

Also, the territories are divided into 10 Economical districts.

Lakadamia Territories NamesDistrict Timezone Wiki

Name + Flag Inhabitants Capital Official Language(s) TZ Division E D
Capital District Central District 2 341 482 Pavlodia Frajisian +10 District CAPITAL
Central Easton Central Easton 1 109 954 Amavili Frajisian +9 Territory PLAINS
Central Territory Central Territory 3 107 013 Frajisian +10 Territory CAPITAL
Chaivilja Chalvilja 1 654 365 Silven Engju +10 Territory SOUTHERN
Coast of Alimya Coast of Amilya 3 104 503 Engju +8 Territory VALLEY
Coast of Evelia Coast of Evelia 1 485 486 Frajisian +11 Territory EASTERN
Damavil Islands Damavil Islands 907 121 Ilativiano +9 Territory NORTHERN
Easterney Valley Easterney Valley 2 071 121 Franjisian, Engju +11 Territory EASTERN
Federal District of Milnev F. D. of Milnev 1 842 113 Milnev Engju +10 District EASTERN
Iciya Islands Iciya Islands 1 053 127 Frajisian +11 Territory SOUTHERN
Japa-Naiza Japa-Naiza 4 178 317 Ovakeia Janaiese +7 Territory FAR WEST
Lands of Lumivia Lands of Lumivia 2 789 801 Lavanij Frajisian +8 Territory COAST
Manto Du Nord Manto du Nord 6 401 319 Misneyne Frajisian +10 Territory CAPITAL
New Lands of Orsavia New Lands of Orsavia 96 401 Frajisian +8 Territory COAST
Northern Territories Northern Territory 4 715 021 Ilativiano +11 Territory NORTHERN
Point of Easton Point of Easton 4 489 168 Breffia Allemanju +7 Territory FAR WEST
Punta Del Manzana Punta del Manzana 659 132 Espaneole +9 Territory APPLEPLAINS
Republic of Appleplains Rep. of Appleplains 1 121 413 El Pomitó Espaneole +10 A. Rep. APPLEPLAINS
Republic of Delmivdia Rep. of Delmivdia 1 539 109 Frajisian +10 A. Rep. WESTERN
Southern Territory Southern Territory 3 042 721 Engju +10 Territory SOUTHERN
Valley of Lazulia Valley of Lazulia 3 521 012 Mazundi Frajisian +8 Territory VALLEY
Victorya Monts Victorya Monts 1 623 129 Engju, Frajisian +9 Territory APPLEPLAINS
Western Delmivdia Western Delmivdia 1 810 016 Frajisian +9 Territory PLAINS
Western Territory Western Territory 874 322 Frajisian, Engju +10 Territory WESTERN
Lakadamia Flag of Lakadamia 55 537 166

CC - Capital City
TZ - Timezone
ED - Economical Division

Capital DistrictEdit

Central District Maps
The capital district of the country is only composed of one city, Pavlodia, which is populated by a total of 2.341.482 inhabitants, divided into 13 boroughs. The capital is completely surrounded by the Central Territory and the Capitol Lake.

Capital District

Flag of the Central District

The flag of the central district is only composed of 2 colors, Yellow (a board & the crown) & White. The Yellow crown in the center means that it's the Capital. It's also one of the smallest "Regions" in Lakadamia, but not the least populated, which the Capital District is ranked 6th (out of 12 Regions) of inhabitants total, which is representing more than 7% of the total population in Lakadamia.
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