Men's pommel horse
at the Games of the Fantastiad
VenueTúrn Hall
Date7 October
Competitors11 from 10 nations
Winning points16.066
Gold medal icon  Flag of Pashlanahuy.svg Pashlanahuy
Silver medal icon  Flag of Evergreen.svg Evergreen
Bronze medal icon  Flag of Glaray.svg Glaray

Format competitionEdit

The top eight qualifiers in the qualification phase (limit two per NFA) advanced to the apparatus final. Qualification scores were then erased, with only final round scores counting.


Rank Gymnast Nation D Score E Score Pen. Total Qual.
1 Petro GolunoshovFlag of Pashlanahuy.svg Pashlanahuy6.9008.90015.800Q
2 Rikko KoronudFlag of Evergreen.svg Evergreen6.5008.83315.333Q
3 Joze VarnavaFlag of Glaray.svg Glaray6.3008.80015.100Q
4 Aleksander SzyszFlag of Lab Rador.svg Lab Rador6.6008.45815.058Q
5 Gottfrid MaakersFlag of Beklium.svg Beklium6.4008.63315.033Q
6 Szymon ShelkovFlag of Pashlanahuy.svg Pashlanahuy6.3008.63314.933Q
7 Mathis UlrikFlag of Lanovina.svg Lanovina6.3008.60014.900Q
8 Ludvig KozFlag of Pohunskia.svg Pohunskia6.4008.50014.900Q
9 George BrydeFlag of United States of Eldance.svg US Eldance6.5008.40014.900R
10 Ermond FlakingFlag of Decoria.svg Decoria6.1008.76614.866R
11 Maximilian DécoriceFlag of Prunia.svg Prunia6.2008.63314.833R


Rank Gymnast Nation D Score E Score Pen. Total
Gold medal icon Petro GolunoshovFlag of Pashlanahuy.svg Pashlanahuy6.9009.16616.066
Silver medal icon Rikko KoronudFlag of Evergreen.svg Evergreen7.0009.06616.066
Bronze medal icon Joze VarnavaFlag of Glaray.svg Glaray6.6009.00015.600
4 Gottfrid MaakersFlag of Beklium.svg Beklium6.6008.80015.400
5 Aleksander SzyszFlag of Lab Rador.svg Lab Rador6.5008.64115.141
6 Szymon ShelkovFlag of Pashlanahuy.svg Pashlanahuy6.3008.46614.766
7 Ludvig KozFlag of Pohunskia.svg Pohunskia6.3008.43314.733
8 Mathis UlrikFlag of Lanovina.svg Lanovina6.3008.00014.300
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