Golden Land
Flag of Golden Land
Member station GTV
National selection events A Grande Song: #02
First appearance #01
Last appearance -
Best result 3rd: #01
Worst result -

Golden Land has participated in the Fantasia Contest since the first edition.

Fantasia Contest 1 Edit

GTV the official broadcast of Golden Land confirmed Golden Land's participation

Bebe Rexha perfoming at the Grand Final in Crystalfall, Evergreen.

in the 9th of August of 2015. At the same day the Golden representetive was chosen. Bebe Rexha was chosen to represent her homecoutntry and at the 12th of August her song was revealed. Her song with the title Cry Wolf will represent the Golden Land in the 1st edition of the Fantasia Contest. The country qualified to the final, reaching the 2nd place in the first semi-final with 123 points. It got the 3rd place in the final with 161 and that made the country automattically qualified for the 2nd edition.

Fantasia Contest 2 Edit

On the 14th of September of 2015 the official broadcaster of the Golden Land GTV, officially confirmed that the Golden Land will be in the 2nd edition of the contest. The broadcaster also revealed the artist that will represend the country in the 2nd edition of the Fantasia Contest. The singer was the famous Ariana Grande. A small National Selection will happen and the viewers have to choose out of 6 Ariana Grande songs, the one that will represent the Golden Land in the 2nd edition of the Fantasia Contest.

Contestants Edit

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Bebe Rexha "Cry Wolf" 3 161 2 123
#02 Ariana Grande TBA "Big 5" member
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