Republic of Fordia
Flag of Fordia
Location of Fordia on the world map.
Location of Fordia on the world map.
Location of Fordia on the globe.
Location of Fordia on the globe.
and largest city
Official languages Åston
Ethnic groups (2015) 95% Fordian
5% Others
Religion Christianity
Demonym Fordianish
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
 -  President Emerold Dusen
 -  Vice President Sventas Duckela
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house Council
 -  Total 224,968 km2 (3rd)
86,861 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 9%
 -  2015 estimate 48.598.690
Currency Ästos (Ä)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the right
ISO 3166 code FO
Internet TLD .fo

Fordia is a country in the Fantasia world.

It´s the third largest country and consists of 11 States/Islands. Fordia is located in the South of North Easton. Fordia´s neighbours are Lanovina, Pacifica and Lakadamia.The country has got 10 International Airports and many Regional Airports.It has got 16 Islands. they are divided in 4 Groups(The Todas Islands, The Holda Islands, The Osila Island and the Kalta Islands). The Country itself is a Federal parliamentary constitutional republic. The president of the country is a woman,Emerald Dusen.The Capital nd largest city is Krono.

Language Edit

The official language of Fordia is Åston. Only Flag of Lanovina Lanovina is speaking this language too.

History Edit

1000 years ago

Fordian Empire

Fordian EmpireEdit

1000 years ago Fordia was a little ,peaceful ,empire in the north,which never had wars or something like this. But one day Fordia was attacked by the Wagonian Armee (today Fordia ->> See map.). Fordia won the war and Wagonia and the Fordian Empire were combined to Fordia.

Fordia and LanovinaEdit

After the war Flag of Lanovina Lanovina and Flag of Fordia Fordia became good friends. A helpful and peaceful Partnership originated. And the continent,where both countries are situated, were called North Easton.

North Easton UnionEdit

The president of Flag of Lanovina Lanovina Uschi Kerkeling and the president of Flag of Fordia Fordia Emerald Dusen founded the first and so far only Union of Fantasia , the North Easton Union. So far it has got 2 observers (Lakademika and Cercasia) and 2 members (Lanovina and Fordia).




After the founding of the NEU Flag of Lanovina Lanovina and Flag of Fordia Fordia decided to switch to an new currency called Eastos (Ästos) ,which have a high value. 


The weather in the country is normal-cold,so it´s perfect for an winter holiday but also for a summer holiday.

Weather wikia Fordia

Weather Graphic 2014

The highest  reached temperature was 37°C in 2010.The lowest reached temperature was - 21°C in 2001. The hottest place of Fordia are the Holda Islands.The coldest place of Fordia are the Kalta Islands. The fordian winter is mostly very cold- cold while the summer is mostly normal.  January is the coldest month while July is the hottest.In 2001 it came to a heavy snow storm in Selt(see Picture) 

Snowstorm 2001



Krono is the capital city of Fordia and the state New Jana. It´s also the biggest city of Fordia and North Easton. The NEU Council is located here too.

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Krono by night

Laria CityEdit

Laria City is the second biggest city of Fordia and the capital of Misa. It´s a famous Holiday City.

Laria City

Laria City by night


Montecas is the third biggest city of Fordiaand the capital of Kefel.


Montecas by night


Selt is the fourth biggest city of Fordia and the capital of Jakai.The NEU Commision is located here too.




Wagonia is the fifth biggest city of Fordia and the capital of Mordelia.It´s also the oldest city. Wagonia was a former state in Northern Easton (see History Picture).



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