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Santa Anastacia de Firenze.jpg
Bird view of Fluenza
Country Assasynia
Founder Giovanni Stollera
Population 3,451,274
Demonym Fluenzano
Fluenza Is A Capital of Assasynia. It is also a largest city in The Country!It is located in the East Coast.


Fluenza has a lot of National Monuments(Churches, sculptures...).The biggest church in the world called Santa Anastacia di Firenze is located in the centre of the city. The Front of The Church is a big Square where a big fountain and lots of sitting places are with a small areas with plants are.A lso in front of the church are the 3 statues of the makers of the church and sirens sculpture(Donatello Firenza, Rikko (Church) and Daniel(sculpture)). Donatello started the church but died of plauge while Rikko finished it. Rikko also made a library close to a church. Daniel got a idea to make a siren statue who will welcome all sailors when they come to Fluenza. In the City Is a Parliaments called Parliament of Lion Angel(Named after Lion and Angel houses).Also in Guarana every year(in the end of August and start of September) there is a Carneval.People celebrate the anniversary of Santa Anastacia di Firenze!The Town has a lot of Channels where you can take a boat called Pogena and see the beauty of the city!


The City was a a autonomious republic back when Damacia ruled over the lands of today Assasynia. After Procteggermi revolution that happened in 2000. Assasynia halped Rebelions to free most of the Illativiano land!After the Revolution succeded. The Procteggermi decided to let Fluenza into the country plus as a 1 of the Capitals of the Assasynia. In 6 April 2015 It become a capital of the Country. After 22th June Parlament was Created and it is a center of all political solutions in the country.

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