The Fantastic Sports Assembly (FSA) is an association of public service media broadcasters that mainly offer sports programmes. It was created on 26 August, 2015. As of early August 2015, 25 nations are part of the association, with the number growing each time. Broadcasters that join the FSA officially, are allowed to compete at the Fantastic Games that are carried out once every season.

Members Edit

The active member list as of October 2015.

ISO Country Broadcasting organisation Abbrev. Joined
ARE Flag of Áredival Áredival Áredival Television AGT 31 Aug 2015
ASY Flag of Assasynia Assasynia Monteggermi TV M1 & M2 27 Aug 2015
BEK Flag of Beklium Beklium Beklium Television Sports BKLTV Sports 26 Sep 2015
DAN Flag of Danskanksova Danskanksova Danskanksova Radio Television DURT 30 Aug 2015
DEC Flag of Decoria Decoria Decorian Radio & Television Sports DRT Sports 24 Sep 2015
DEM Flag of Demacia Demacia Demacian Radiotelevision DTV 3 Oct 2015
DMC Flag of Demonica Demonica Demonica Sport Television DSTV 29 Aug 2015
DYR Flag of Dýria Dýria Radio Television Dýria 2 DRTV 2 24 Sep 2015
EVA Flag of Evämaa Evämaa Telemaa 4 T4 30 Aug 2015
EVG Flag of Evergreen Evergreen Evergreen Broadcasting Corporation EBC-IAR 5 Sep 2015
FOR Flag of Fordia Fordia Fordian Broadcasting Corporation Sport 3 FBC SPORT III 30 Aug 2015
GLA Flag of Glaray Glaray Televizioni Glaray Sportit GTV Sportit 27 Sep 2015
HRI Flag of Harish Islands Harish Islands Harish Television & Radio HTV&R 27 Aug 2015
ICE Flag of Ice Crest Ice Crest Ice Crest Television Sports ICTV Sports 7 Oct 2015
JAM Flag of Jamah Jamah YNTV Sports 8 Oct 2015
KER Flag of Kerwan Kerwan Kerwan Rahvusringhääling KTV 31 Aug 2015
LAN Flag of Lanovina Lanovina Lanovina Radio Television Sports LRT Sports 28 Aug 2015
LBR Flag of Lab Rador Lab Rador Sporti 1 S1 23 Sep 2015
LKD Flag of Lakadamia Lakadamia Teleradio Lakadamia TR LK 27 Aug 2015
PAC Flag of Pacifica Pacifica Pacifica Television PTV 28 Aug 2015
PAS Flag of Pashlanahuy Pashlanahuy Pashlanahuy Television PQB 2 23 Sep 2015
POH Flag of Pohunskia Pohunskia Pohunskian Television Sport PITV Sport 30 Aug 2015
PRU Flag of Prunia Prunia Prunia TV PRTV 30 Aug 2015
RUJ Flag of Ruyjin Republic Ruyjin Republic Ruyjin National Television Sports RNT Sports 24 Sep 2015
SCA Flag of Scandavia Scandavia Sútvarp Skandavía SV SK 26 Aug 2015
TAO Flag of United Tribes of Te Ao UT of Te Ao United Broadcasters of Te Ao UBOTA Sports I & II 14 Sep 2015
TWH Flag of The White Havens White Havens Star 4 Sports S4S 31 Aug 2015
UIE Flag of United Islands of Ermy UI of Ermy Television of Ermy TOE 30 Aug 2015
ULJ Flag of United Lands of Jarea UL of Jarea Jarean Broadcasting House JBH 28 Aug 2015
USE Flag of United States of Eldance US of Eldance Eldance Broadcasting Corporation EBC & ESN 14 Sep 2015
VED Flag of De Vremdspongeln Vremdspongeln De Vremd Sport DVS 23 Sep 2015
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