Flag of Evämaa
Motto: "Pelotta edetä"
Proceed fearlessly
Anthem: "Loistava kirkas"
Evämaa Location - Map.png
Location of Evämaa on the world map.
Evämaa Location - Globe.png
Location of Evämaa on the globe.
Official languages Evämaen
Recognised regional languages Åston, Engju, Lanovian
Demonym Evämaen
Government Parliamentary Republic
 -  President Topi Niinisalo
 -  Speaker Otto Kurkelä
 -  Secretary of the Interior Krista Janturinen
Legislature Maidentalo
Establishment 1571
 -  Lanovian refugees arrive at Nynäköpiiri, Nyvina 1414 
 -  Midimeri settled 1431 
 -  Evämaian War of Independence begins 1559 
 -  Independence declared Dec. 21, 1567 
 -  Treaty of Midimeri signed Feb. 1, 1571 
 -  Kingdom of Evämaa dissolved May 27, 1871 
 -  Evämaian Republic established Dec. 21, 1871 
 -  Total 79,621 km2
30,742 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 27
 -  estimate 7,390,000
 -  2010 census 7,361,874
 -  Density 92.46/km2
239.5/sq mi
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total Ǩ330 billion
Gini (2014)27.1
HDI (2014)0.879
very high
Currency Kulden (Ǩ) (EVK)
Time zone (UTC+6)
 -  Summer (DST)  (UTC+7)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +115
Patron saint St. Tommi of Värepaikan
ISO 3166 code EV
Internet TLD .ev

Evämaa (officially Evämaen Pubvaltan, Evämaian Republic) is a country in the Fantasia world in the northeastern part of Centralia. Its population of approximately 7.39 million people speak the language Evämaian. The capital of the country is Midimeri, and the country itself is divided into six states (maani) and one federal district.

Ovum States map

The states and one district are:

  • Flag of Hyväylä Hyväylä (Capital: Kiviranta) 
  • Flag of Kaukaisle Kaukaisle (Capital: Kaukaisle Kaupunki) 
  • Flagoflänskiiring Länskiiring (Capital: Hyvinlänsi) 
  • Flag of Midimeri Valtisle Midimeri Valtisle 
  • Flag of Nyvina Nyvina (Capital: Värepaikan) 
  • Flag of Suurislen Suurislen (Capital: Vihrejärvi)
  • Flag of Uuslän Uuslän (Capital: Jäädytetty)

The federal district of Midimeri Valtisle contains the capital city, Midimeri. The currency of Evämaa is the Kulden (Ǩ, EVK), and the country has a GDP of approximately Ǩ330 million. The main sectors of the economy are services, electronics, fishing, and lumber/paper products.

History Edit

First Settlers Edit

The first Evämaian people arrived in what is today Evämaa 600 years ago as refugees from Lanovina, although it is rumored that Skiirings from far-flung lands visited Evämaa as far back as 800 years ago. And before that, nomadic peoples passed through the states of Uuslän and Nyvina as they made their way to Centralia.

Lanovian Rule Edit

Lanovina established outposts in and around Evämaa, including in the Jääcy Archipelago, soon after refugees landed at Nynäköpiiri (Cape New Horizon) in Nyvina in 1414. Small towns popped up and settlers were moved in. What would become the main Lanovian outpost was established on an island midway between the mainland and archipelago in 1431. This settlement was Midimeri, and its strategic position helped it grow quickly.

During this time, the settlers began to be mistreated by the Lanovians on Easton. A rouge group of settlers began a fight for Evämaian independence in 1559. The war lasted for 11 years, however, the group, led by Jesse Soinio, declared Evämaa an independent state on December 21, 1567 at Midimeri. Fighting continued until leaders from Evämaa and Lanovina met in Midimeri and signed a treaty ending the war and granting Evämaa its independence.

Early Years Edit

Evämaa toiled around for the better part of two hundred years building a timber industry which helped the country gain moderate attention. Specifically, Lanovina took interest in Evämaian timber, and trade increased between the countries. Today, these bonds still exist, as Lanovina is Evämaa's largest trading partner still.

After independence, Soinio declared himself King of Evämaa and established a monarchy leading down with his sons. This stayed in place for exactly 300 years, until the final monarch, Queen Christel II, abdicated the throne on May 27, 1871, and decreed that a republican government should be formed in her stead. By December, the Maidentalo (Parliament) had been established, as well as the maani. However, Evämaa's royal history is still seen in the national flag, which displays the former queen's crown as its only emblem.

Recent History Edit

The change in government proved very lucrative for Evämaa, as its economy grew rapidly. Manufacturing accompanied timber into the 1900s, and today, the country is still considered a hub for high tech manufacturing. However, the economy also consists of a strong fishing center, as the waters around the Jääcy Archipelago are rich in sea life.

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