Delinien (swedish?)
Flag of Delinia
Motto: "Allt för Delinien"
"Everything for Delinia"
Anthem: Du vackra, du rika
Thou beautiful, thou rich
Location of Delinia on the world map.
Location of Delinia on the world map.
Location of Delinia on the globe.
Location of Delinia on the globe.
and largest city
Official languages swedish?, norwegian?
Recognised national languages finnish?, danish?, icelandic?
Recognised regional languages faroese?
Ethnic groups 88.6% Delinian
11.4% Others
  • Delinian
  • Delin
Government Parliamentary republic
 -  Prime Minister Penelope Hjortron
Legislature Beslutstinget
 -  Kingdom of Delinia 17 May 1451 
 -  Total 133,614 km2 (3)
51,589 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 33.68 (1)
 -  2015 estimate 1,124,971 (4)
 -  2012 census 1,089,364
Currency Delinian krona (DEK)
Time zone UTC -6 to -7
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +23
ISO 3166 code DL
Internet TLD .dl

Delinia (swedish?: Delinien), officially the Kingdom of Delinia (swedish?: Konungariket Delinien) is a landlocked Fantasia country located in eastern Westmont. It borders Deep Valley, United States of Eldance, Foxtavia and Glaray.

It has the worlds third largest total area of 133,614 square kilometre (51,589 sq mi). It consists of more than double the water of any other country at 45,001 square kilometre (17,375 sq mi), or one third of the area in total (33.68%). With a population of just over 1.1 million, Delinia has the 2nd lowest population in the world and also the 2nd lowest density at X inhabitants per square kilometre (X/sq mi). The capital city Asken is by far the most populous city with 364,297 inhabitants.

The country is centered around the four large lakes Graven, Liljan, Tvärnen and Svärdsjö. The lakes are all connected by rivers and Graven also leads to the ocean? through the Lyme River in Deep Valley to the east.

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