Demonym Centralian
Countries 26
Unrecognized regions 2
Languages ~ 50 languages
Time zones UTC-2 to UTC+8
Largest cities Flag of Aquia Grand Aquia
Flag of Assasynia Fluenza
Flag of Pacifica Ayala
Flag of Evergreen Crystalfall
Flag of Cercasia Elhain
Centralia is a continent comprising the area between the Polarian sea to the south, the Centralian sea to the west, the Northern sea to the north and the Pacifican sea to the east. Centralia covers both the northern and the southern hemisphere. It is the biggest continent in Fantasia.

List of recognized states in Centralia Edit

Flag Name Area (km²) Population Population
(per km²)
Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Flag of Assasynia Assasynia 279,135 Fluenza & Procteggermi Assasynia
Flag of Aquia Aquia Grand Aquia Aquia
Flag of Beklium Beklium Beklium
Flag of Cercasia Cercasia 44,213 5,246,893 96.05 San Cercasia Cercasia
Flag of Danskanksova Danskanksova 271,002 Burg Bognovi Danskanksova
Flag of Demacia Demacia 95,760 Demacia
Flag of Flírskmasto Flírskmasto 415,111 Flírskmasto
Flag of Equaland Equaland 286,998 Equaland
Flag of Evämaa Evämaa 79,621 7,361,874 92.46 Midimeri Evämaa
Flag of Evergreen Evergreen 48,676 5,718,627 120 Crystalfall Evergreen
Igihaljas Kuningriik
Flag of Gallifrey Gallifrey Gallifrey
Flag of Harish Islands Harish Islands Harish Islands
Flag of Ice Crest Ice Crest Ice Crest
Flag of Jamah Jamah 48,580 5,449,233 112 Twahrmirá Yámáh
Flag of Kerwan Kerwan Kerwan
Flag of Lendy Lendy Lendy
Flag of Maronesia Maronesia Maronesia
Flag of Pacifica Pacifica 16,346,488 McKinley Pasipika
Flag of Pashlanahuy Pashlanahuy Pashlanahuy
Flag of Pohunskia Pohunskia 56,234,219 Noroyska City Pohunskia
Flag of Prunia Prunia Prunia
Flag of Scandavia Scandavia 169,753 914,016 6.10 Køldhaven Skandavía
Flag of Seneraya Seneraya Seneraya
Flag of Voxanya Voxanya Voxanya
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