Central Easton
—  Lakadamian Region  —
Central Easton.png
Central Easton Location.png
Location of Central Easton in Lakadamia
Country Lakadamia
Type of Region Territory
Official Language
Regional Language
Capital City Amavili
Number of Cities
Population (September 2015) 1,109,954
Time zone CLGT (UTC+9)
 The Central Easton (Frajisian : Centre d'Eston) is one of the 24 Regions and one of the 18 Territories of Lakadamia. The region is populated of 1.109.954 inhabitants. THe capital city is the city of Amivili, located in the North of the Region. The region is divided into 3 Arrondissements and 44 Cities.

The region is surrounded by Lands of Lumivia and New Lands of Orsavia in the West, Western Delmividia and the Republic of Delmivdia  in the North, by the Western Territory in the East and Victorya Monts in the South. Also, the region had some "frontiers" with the Valley of Lazulia with the Centraliston Lake, located in the South of the region.

Also, the region we're allocated as the code CEA, .ce and 20. For example, for the code of the city of Amavili, the number will be 20 02.

Geography of Central EastonEdit

To be added soon.

Languages talken in Central EastonEdit

Only 2 Languages are recognized, Frajisian as an official one, and Silsesio, recognized as regional langugage, mainly talken on the arrondissement of Alveni. 2 Cities also had more than 50% of their population which talks the Sisesio Language.

Administrative Regions in Central Easton (Cities, Arrondissements)Edit

The territory is divided into 3 Arrondissements, and 44 Cities. No cities had special administrations.

Central Easton Cities Central Easton Arrondissements

The number is where the city is located (on the first map), the small text is the population of this city.

Arrondissement of Amavili Arrondissement of Milen Arrondissement of Alveni
01 10 33
02 Amavili 106 312 11 34 Alveni
03 12 35
04 13 36
05 14 37
06 15 38
07 21 39 Carrétio
08 22 40
09 23 41
16 24 42
17 25 43
18 26 44
19 27 Milen-Sur-Centraston
20 28
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