Flag of Aquia
Member station AQTV
National selection events Aquia MusicFestival
Appearances 1
First appearance #01

Aquia has participated in the Fantasia Contest since the first edition.

Fantasia Contest 1 Edit

AQTV (Aquia Radio Television) confirmed their debut in the contest on August 14th 2015, also confirming that a national selection would be held. The selection was called Aquia MusicFestival, which would consist of five songs of the same artist. Voters could vote in a poll for the ones they liked the most, and had a week to vote. In the same post, it was announced that Purity Ring would represent the country.

The same day, the poll with the five songs was opened. Those songs were Bodyache, Begin Again, Fineshrine, Lofticries and Belispeak.

Even if there was a week to vote, only three people managed to vote, and all for the same song, Bodyache, making it the song which would be performed in the first edition of the Fantasia Contest.

Contestants Edit

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Purity Ring "Bodyache" TBA

National selectionsEdit

Aquia MusicFestival 01 - Fantasia Contest 1Edit

Draw Artist Song Results
01 Purity Ring Bodyache Winner
02 Begin Again Places 2-5
03 Fineshrine Places 2-5
04 Lofricries Places 2-5
05 Belispeak Places 2-5
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