Flag of Alkyria
Member station HGP
First appearance #01

Alkyria has participated in the Fantasia Contest since the first edition.

FC #1 representative:Edit

The broadcaster for Alkyria, Hellex Group Production (HGP), has chosen internally, by a poll voting, RuPaul, which is the most popular and most-known drag queen in the country, maybe even in the whole Fantasia.

The song choice was very complex, since it was supposed to be the song "Don't Be Jealous Of My Boogie" to be in the first edition of Fantasia, but RuPaul stated that "since the song has been released way later than the purpose was, the most obvious choice was to sent the newest song of hers", and that's how "Sissy That Walk" became the first song representative.

It reached the best Alkyrian debut so far, getting on 4th position in the Grand Final and 1st place in the semi-final.

FC #2 representative:Edit

Due to RuPaul's major success in the last edition, with a couple months before the results, HGP has chosen the debuting duo, originary from the region of Ceryl, XYLØ. They will be automatic qualified for the next edition.

Contestants Edit

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Artist Song Place Points Place (SF) Points (SF)
#01 RuPaul Sissy That Walk 4th 152 1st 118
#02 XYL­Ø Afterlife TBA TBA Automatic Qualified
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